The new product design

Modern, structured, standardised and functional
Responsibility, care, trust and a sense of mutual appreciation - the aim of Effol and Effax has always been to foster the friendship between rider and horse with this in mind and to orientate our extensive range of care products towards this goal. This philosophy is now also reflected in the design of the packaging.
The new product appearance with its added value, innovative design and high recognition factor is very impressive. Both the layout and the packaging itself have been improved:
The standardised packaging line of Effol and Effax, with its many functions and a clearly structured design, will have a captivating effect. There is a standardised range of bottles in various sizes and all are characterised by the same fantastic new look. In particular, the innovative Effol spray bottle is easy to use, can be applied without making any noise, has a fine spray effect and also offers waste-free emptying. Even the small bottles are provided with a high-quality spray head.
The new label design not only stands out due to its modern layout - it is also well-structured, ensuring a standardised appearance, and features a fixed minimum font size, making the labels easier to read. Thanks to the multi-layer design of the labels, further product information is provided in a number of languages. At first glance, customers can see what ingredients are contained in the product. It is then possible for customers to gain more detailed descriptions of the product in multimedia form via a QR-Code which takes them to an online product page featuring, for example, videos on application of the product, background information and social media.

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